Social Media Management
for Small Business Success

Social Media Management

Social media is a wonderful and valuable tool for marketing, branding and promoting your business, as well as monitoring your online reputation and customer service needs, but it can be time consuming.

Have you tried setting up a few accounts and then realized you weren’t sure what to do?

You may even have asked yourself…

  • Where’s the best place to start?
  • How many accounts do I need?
  • Is there a strategy I need to employ?
  • How much time do I need to spend each week?
  • Just how important is social media?

Social media is the easiest and fastest way to market today. Gone are the days of “push marketing” where advertisements were forced upon prospects in hopes of gaining their business. Today’s market requires
something more… relationship marketing and the way to achieve that is through social media.

Social media is NOT about selling. It’s about developing relationships with your client base and utilizing “pull marketing” tactics to drive them to your website or blog. Relationships are the cornerstone of trust and we all want to do business with people we know, like and trust as opposed to a stranger. This is the beauty of social media marketing.

As a busy entrepreneur or small business owner you may have begun to realize that creating helpful content, monitoring your sites and developing relationships takes a lot of time and has to be consistently maintained. Are you feeling pressured by this commitment?

By hiring a professional social media manager you can better leverage your time and marketing dollars. How much is your time worth?

"You Are What Google Says You Are" - Wired Magazine

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