Social Media Management
for Small Business Success

How It Works

Our goal: For you do as little as possible.

So the main point, is that we do all the work. But how does that actually happen?

First, there is a discussion of strategy to make sure we know exactly what you want to accomplish with your social media marketing. Then, we get to work: writing and posting content, interacting with your followers, adding features to your platforms, etc.

Through all this, you have only two jobs:

  1. Stay in touch with us and let us know what’s going on with you and your business so we can keep your newsfeed up to date and interesting to your followers.
  2. Supply pictures of events or products you want promoted.

That’s it! No research/preparation. No long writing sessions. No technical how-to training. Just talk to us so we can get to know you through our time tested process. Together, we’ll come up with great ideas and then our team will handle the rest.

"You Are What Google Says You Are" - Wired Magazine

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