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Social Media Strategy: Create a Strategy in 7 Steps

Create an effective social media strategy that produces measurable results in 7 steps


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Content Discovery Tools: a Directory of My Favorite Ones

See on – Social Media Marketing for Small Biz Monica McPherrin‘s insight: Robin has done an awesome job of currating the best sources for several different niches. Thus is a must save post! See on

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11 Ways to Maximize Sales With LinkedIn

See on – Pinterest Power Think you know all there is to know about LinkedIn? Even expert users can squeeze out more productivity and sales with LinkedIn’s ready-made tools. See on

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How to Outsource Your Social Media Strategy WITHOUT Sacrificing Quality

See on – Social Media Marketing for Small Biz Social Media is one of the best ways to grow your online community. Having time to actually manage the social media yourself, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. See on

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Google+ for Business: A Beginner’s Guide

See on – Social Media Marketing for Small Biz To use or not to use Google+? That is the question. Many people are still on the fence about whether or not to incorporate Google+ into their social media marketing strategy. Are you a little overwhelmed with where to start and how it works? See […]

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The 80 Rules Of #SocialMedia [INFOGRAPHIC]

See on – Social Media Marketing for Small Biz “So you want to get good at social media? You need to have a plan. A guidebook. A strategy. You need some rules. And rule number one? That’s obey the rules. As for rules number two through eighty, check out this fantastic infographic courtesy of […]

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12 Most Do-Now Social Media Online Reputation Punch List Items

See on – Social Media Marketing for Small Biz 12 Most HE6TKNU4H59Q By Jayme Soulati When you sell, buy or build a home, there is a punch list of items on the to-do list to close or complete the deal. Bet you didn’t know social media had one, too? See on

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12 types of social media personalities | Articles | Home

See on – Social Media Marketing for Small Biz An in-depth study identified a dozen breeds of social media users, from the self-promoting ‘peacocks’ to the awkward ‘virgins.’ See on

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10 Hot Social Networks to Watch

See on – Social Media Marketing for Small Biz Thinking of taking a break from Facebook or Twitter? Looking for a smaller, nicher group of friends? One of these 10 growing networks could be for you. Monica McPherrin‘s insight: Are you always looking for the next great thing or searching out niche sites? Check […]

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